Emi Takemura

Director of Future Citizens / Co-founder of Unreasonable Lab Japan / Co-founder of Peatix.com

Emi started her career in management consulting before joining Excite Japan in 1999 as a board member and Director of Business Development. In 2002, Emi joined Amazon Japan to lead its Books and subsequently marketing division, later joining its management team. Emi joined Disney Interactive Media Group in 2006 as its Marketing Director. Since 2010, Emi embarked on startup journey and co-founded Peatix.com in 2011, a leading community event platform in Japan and Southeast Asia with over 2 million members in its network. Emi has led efforts to drive its adoption in Japan and the Southeast Asia region as CMO and Head of Asia. Since fall 2015, Emi has also co-founded Unreasonable Lab Japan, the Japan chapter of Boulder-based social entrepreneur accelerator, Unreasonable Institute. Since 2016, Emi is leading several projects to help promote 21st century education programs and products in Japan and serves as a member of several committees at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. An avid traveler and a mother of two children, Emi holds a B.A. in Economics from Keio University, an MBA from Wharton School, and an MA in the Lauder Institute.

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