Paul Hynek

Founder and President, EZ Numbers

Adjunct Professor of Finance and Accounting, Pepperdine University

Paul has a lifelong dual major in both finance and technology. He is an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Pepperdine University, creator of EZ Numbers, the leading financial projections software that has raised over $1 billion for thousands of startups, and a partner in the Avatron Smart Park theme park, scheduled to open outside of Atlanta in 2019. On the tech side, he produced the world’s first online service for kids, and launched it publicly with Bill Gates. He has deep experience in virtual reality both from working with the virtual production pipeline that was used in making Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, Call of Duty, and Halo, as well as in his capacity as a partner and CFO of both a VR content and headset company. Paul is a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation, and is currently leading the effort to incorporate technology into the revitalization of the oldest park in Los Angeles. He sits on the Boards of Raw Science, the Brink Institute, and the Lifeboat Foundation. Paul is one of ten trial participants in one of the first FDA and IRB approved longevity trials, with the goal of regrowing the thymus gland. There may not be a bigger Lauder fanboy than Paul.

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