Regina Abrami

Director, Global Program, The Lauder Institute

Dr. Regina M. Abrami is the Director of the Lauder Institute’s Global Program and Head of its International Studies faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds additional appointments in the Department of Political Science and Management as Senior Lecturer and Senior Fellow, respectively.

Prior to Wharton, Dr. Abrami served on the faculty of Harvard Business School for 11 years in various capacities, including co-designer of its “Doing Business in China” course, and as the inaugural faculty chair of its international immersion program. In addition to research and teaching in comparative political economy, with special focus on Asia, Dr. Abrami brings to the Lauder Institute considerable passion for, and expertise in, experiential education for adult learners, with focus on intercultural communication, group dynamics, strategic foresight, and international field-based learning skills.

Dr. Abrami has authored over two dozen China-focused HBS case studies, and continues research on the political economy of China’s industrial strategy and the geopolitics of its economic diplomacy in Africa and elsewhere. Other published work has appeared in Comparative Politics, Journal of East Asian Studies, Harvard Business Review, Marketwatch (WSJ), and the Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems. In 2014, her book, Can China Lead? Reaching the Limits of Power and Growth (co-authored with William C. Kirby and F. Warren McFarlan) was published by Harvard Business Review Press. The Commonwealth Publishing Group, based in Taiwan, has just released a Chinese version of the study.

She is a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy, Phi Beta Kappa, and a former Fellow of the Social Science Research Council and the Fulbright-Hays Program. She speaks Vietnamese and Chinese.

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